The Estate





Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 1

Smallest of all the bedrooms, with private balcony and a nice, though limited, view down the coast. Opposite wall window overlooks the entrance courtyard, and provides nice cross-ventilation. King-sized bed.

“P A R A D I S E ”
— Entertainment Tonight

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 2

Most spectacular view and the largest of the bedrooms, with two giant sliding glass walls opening to the sea. Two queen-sized beds and a shower with a view down “the gold coast.”

“Delightful and lovey”
— Dean Dana, Los Angeles County Supervisor

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 3

A very spacious room with a large veranda, separate dressing room with generous closets. Two queen-sized beds.

“Accomodations outstanding, Service excellent”
— SAS Scandinavian Airlines

“Already working on dates for next year!”
— Todd Maclin, President, Texas Commerce Bank

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 4

A magnificent view of Puerto Vallarta, Los Muertos Beach, and the Bay of Banderas. A romantic vista of Puerto Vallarta’s lights at night. King-sized bed, bath tub, shower, and lovely terrace.

“Tremendous hospitality, quality of accomodations... Fabulous!”
— Opus One Winery

Luxury beach villas


Each room has its own marble bathroom with all the comforts and five star amenities the villa is known for.

“Your gestures and consideration don’t occur frequently in our world anymore.”
— Howard Hawks, Annual Renter

“Absolutely awesome! Your staff is really outstanding!”
— St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 5

A spacious and comfortable room with a balcony and view of the beach and bay. Two queen-sized beds and a huge shower.

“The estate is beautiful, ideal for small groups. The staff is most attentive. Looking forward to our next visit.”
— Key Magazine

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 6

One of our four Jungle Rooms, detached from the main villa. The view extends through our lush jungle to the Bay of Banderas. Covered terrace. Two queen-sized beds.

Our Jungle Rooms are Bedroom numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. They are very popular with the guests as they are separate from the main villa and each has its own private spiral staircase.

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 7

One of the center Jungle Rooms. Wonderful view of Banderas Bay looking through the jungle. Covered terrace and two queen-sized beds.

“Another memorable visit. The staff, food, and service, make it hard to leave.”
— Charlie and Linda Lebens, Annual Renters

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 8

The other center Jungle Room. Secluded and detached from the main villa. Covered terrace, lovely view, and two queen-sized beds.

“Views from every room are fantastic... told most of Oklahoma and New York City about this unique and beautiful place.”
— Steve Lynn, CEO, Sonic Industries

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 9

Known as the “Treehouse,” this is the last of the exotic Jungle Rooms. Secluded and detached from the main villa. One king-sized bed, private bath and private terrace.

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 10

A quaint bedroom in La Casita, a charming separate guest house close to the beach. Very open to nature. Spectacular view of Puerto Vallarta, Los Muertos Beach, and the Bay of Banderas. Large wrap-around balcony. Two queen-sized beds.
La Casita, containing Bedroom numbers 10 and 11, is a charming guest house that is detached from the main Villa and closest to the secret beach.

Luxury beach villas

Bedroom 11

A cozy bedroom in La Casita, a charming separate guest house close to the beach. Nice balcony with great view overlooking the Bay of Banderas and lush vegetation. King-sized bed.

“ Absolutely exquisite! Could not have asked for more. ”
— Community Drug Stories, Inc.